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MS Ignite – Day 3

MS Ignite – Day 3

So, we’ve gone through the halfway point at this year’s Ignite conference in Orlando and aside from the wealth of technical sessions on offer to attendees there’s a heap of other stuff to see and do. Walking around the extensive expo floor today there was everything on offer from a magician selling backup software and trying not to give away 2000 bucks in the process to a Microsoft patrol car that homed it’s lights and sirens in on you if tried to take a picture of it.

For those of you that have never attended a conference such as this, it’s fair to say that this the mother of all events and the following facts and figures put this into perspective….
Duration – 5 days (with an additional pre-conference day for the really enthusiastic)
Number of attendees – 30,000+
Number of technical sessions – c. 700 giving insights and roadmaps from industry leaders with deep dives and live demos of the products in use across the world today
176 session about MS 365, 339 sessions about Office 365 and 129 sessions on Sharepoint, to name just a few
Event party on Thursday evening at Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure – the first time both parks have ever been closed at the same time for a private event

When you think that all of these people also have to be accommodated in the Orlando area and fed and watered for the duration of the event, hopefully you get the picture that this is one major feat of organisation. If you have the opportunity to attend next year then I would strongly recommend it as the wealth of technical learning that is available over the week will be more than enough to get you up to date for the coming year.


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