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Ad-Hoc service & support

We provide expert IT consultancy and support on an ad-hoc basis to complement current IT skills or cover holiday, sickness or specialist areas of expertise. Ad-hoc support is typically booked in advance as projects or issues arise. Our flexible options mean clients can choose the Fully Managed Service or a hybrid solution where some elements are fully outsourced, some are maintained or a combination of approaches.


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iss_logoConnectivity and security are a priority and our customers depend upon us to operate at the very highest levels when it comes to enabling them to address compliance responsibilities. To this end, we now depend on ISN to monitor and manage the entire environment, ensuring that it’s optimised and aligned to our strategic business and commercial needs. ISN don’t deliver ‘cookie cutter’ solutions. They are truly engaged and interested in helping us surmount the challenges we face and will go the extra mile to innovate and deliver.
Graham Woods, Group Business Manager, ISS UK