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ISN framework for Sustainability

At ISN, we firmly believe that attaining business success is not only compatible but inherently intertwined with our dedication to safeguarding our people and the planet. This ensures a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Our Vision

ISN Empowering a Sustainable IT Future.

ISN’s Sustainability goals represent our commitment to a better, greener environment, creating a more sustainable future for our industry.

We are committed to:

  • Implementing environmentally sustainable practices within our operations and services
  • Develop and deliver sustainable, energy-efficient solutions for our customers, supporting them to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Promote awareness and education on environmental sustainability within our organisation and among our customers.
  • Helping our customers reduce their carbon impact by reusing, recycling, or refurbishing end-of-life products instead of simply disposing of them.
  • We are collaborating with our partners to explore avenues for backing the circular economy, and our Cisco Refresh partnership serves as a notable illustration.

We are motivated to drive change within our organisation whilst working with our partners, our supply chain and supporting our customers on their sustainability journey through the technology we provide, the solutions we design and the way we deliver.

We believe that managing environmental, social and governance issues is a critical enabler of growth for our business and for our communities.

CSR Policy