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Are you paying too much for your IT infrastructure and support?

Our benchmarking service can help you answer this question. As an independent and specialist team, we’re continually procuring wide area network (WAN), local area network (LAN), voice, hardware maintenance and even hardware and software licensing for many different types of organisations making us ideally placed to quickly and accurately compare your contract to the rest of the market. We’ve helped clients who simply wanted to know how their WAN, voice and service costs compare and clients who needed the full procurement process. We have exceptional and highly technical knowledge of current technologies and a thorough understanding of the many and varied companies in the marketplace. We know their strengths, their weaknesses and the solutions they offer. Dare we say it – sometimes the solutions aren’t as good as the marketing!

We’ll review your connectivity and business requirements, audit your current costs and service levels, use our analysis tools to compare the findings and provide you with a detailed report. With our benchmarking report in your hands – from ISN as an independent consultancy, you’ll be in a strong position to negotiate lower costs and/or higher service levels from your supplier. Alternatively you may decide to use the information to consider another supplier.


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Nick Argent, Head of ICT at the Eden Project