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Transforming your Network for the Digital Era –Why it’s Time to Implement Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches

Transforming your Network for the Digital Era –Why it’s Time to Implement Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches

The rapid development of networking technologies over the last 20 years has transformed enterprises around the globe and enabled innovations on many fronts – including the adoption of voice and video applications and seamless user access to corporate services.

Today, however, network infrastructures are constantly in catch-up mode, struggling to adapt to ever-changing business requirements.

Little wonder, with technology trends like IoT, cloud and cybersecurity fuelling today’s digital transformation. Creating new opportunities – but substantially increasing IT complexity.

But that’s not all. New users, more mobility and more IoT devices all offer more points of infiltration into the network. And that adds up to a growing security threat.

It’s a big challenge for network managers still reliant on traditional – largely manual – IT processes to optimise their network operations, adapt network design fast and defend against an evolving threat landscape.

What’s needed is a digital-ready automated network that reduces cost and network complexity. And Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches are the first step to initiating a next generation network that constantly learns, constantly adapts and constantly protects.

Switching for the new network era

Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches are ushering in a new era in networking with programmable ASIC, software innovations, simplified management and double the capacity to support more users and devices.

Built for the new realities of the digital era and centred on the demands of mobility, cloud, IoT and security, the new Catalyst 9000 series enables network managers to be ready for the present, prepared for the future and able to safely navigate upcoming technological trends.

Let’s explore just some of the reasons why you should consider leveraging the capabilities of the Catalyst 9000 series:

  • Uniform software image and a common ASIC across all Catalyst 9000 switches provides consistent operation and common capabilities in all segments of the enterprise network.
  • Cisco’s Software Defined Access capabilities provide central orchestration, end-to-end policy definition, a flexible fabric and secure segmentation of the infrastructure.
  • Enhanced security that makes the network fabric an active participant in detecting and mitigating security threats. Security features such as malware detection on encrypted traffic by Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) and segmentations for policy enforcement provides higher visibility and consistent security policies across your network.
  • Enable cloud or hybrid cloud environments by creating and managing container-based hosting applications, such as network monitoring, that are locally hosted on the switch.
  • Seamlessly integrate wired and wireless devices within the same network fabric and automate policy and security posture among all devices.
  • Support a broad array of IoT standards and features. Catalyst 9000 switches can support high-density perpetual PoE/PoE+/UPOE line cards that can power your digital end devices and securely identify and onboard IoT devices using centrally defined policies.
  • Do more in less time. With Cisco DNA Center and Software-Defined Access, the Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches can operate as part of one fabric for faster, more secure network access. No more constant cutting, pasting and tweaking switch by switch. Create once and apply network-wide using cross domain policy enforcement and automation.

Bottom line, if you’re planning to upgrade your Catalyst 3750 or 3850 switches in the near future, then running a Catalyst 9000 series switch will make it possible to handle more devices and more users, while handling mobility, IoT and cloud challenges with confidence.

But it will also enable you to initiate new SD Access innovations and programmability in the future. Making it possible to bring a new era of networking to life – creating a secure, software-driven and digitally-ready automated network that enables you to dramatically simplify, secure and scale your operations.

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