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The Role of IT in Manufacturing during 2015 – Part Two

Glantus-BannerGuest blog spot: In the second in a two part series Glantus, an ISN partner looks at the role of IT in Manufacturing during 2015.

Part Two of this Blog will look at the impact IT can have on your business and solutions you can follow to ensure maximum ROI in IT capabilities.

Almost 50% of respondents in Computerworlds 2015 forecast survey said they plan to increase IT spend and budget allocation in the next 12 months to accommodate this growth by recruiting more staff in roles such as Programming and Development, Business Intelligence, Security and Compliance and Project Management.

As always with Manufacturing however, the role of IT in contributing to business development is a bit more complex than simply increasing your budget and hiring more employees. Your business needs to understand how the technical processes of its operations impact upon Manufacturing output and have a strong working knowledge of the solutions and programs available that can be implemented to increase efficiency – Not often a task that can be managed and implemented by in-house IT technicians.

So just how can Manufacturers use IT as a source of business development? The simple solution is to outsource these tasks to recognised and qualified solution providers. Manufacturing Technology providers have all of the capabilities, development / implementation skills and industry experience required to create superior supply chain efficiency and competitive advantage through the use of IT software and systems.

It is useful to have your own in-house IT staff who have intimate knowledge of your business, your network, your processes and needs however few individuals are experts in Manufacturing software solutions and the suitability of each for your business.

Niche software providers work with a selection of carefully chosen Partners who are experts in each of their respective fields – whether this be ERP, Business Intelligence, Data Collection, Document Management or Security. They can offer the most comprehensive understanding of what will work best for your business and help you achieve the best results. Project management, development and implementation assistance are also available from your supplier to ensure that the chosen software solution is mapped and installed to run perfectly with your existing systems and procedures.

Outsourcing IT support can also help drive innovation and change in an organisation. It frees up valuable time for internal IT staff and senior management to spend on development of strategies and procedures to gain competitive advantage in the market – knowing that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently means the sky is the limit when it comes to implementing the next “big thing”.


Finally, whilst outsourcing the development and implementation of Manufacturing IT may come with a high price tag, the prices associated with in-house development and implementation do not compare. We mentioned last week that the Manufacturing sector is suffering with a skills shortage and this is also true of those of us working within the IT solutions field of Manufacturing. Sourcing and hiring a full time team to implement your software modifications could end up costing you 5 times the amount that it would have cost for an outside organisation to handle the task – And with a third party provider you are also often covered by a 24 hour support line and help desk should anything go wrong with your operations.

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Glantus is an innovative technology company that focuses on development and implementation of software applications which transform their customers manufacturing processes. They have over 20 years industry experience working with systems including ERP, Document Management, Data Collection, Scheduling, EDI and Business Intelligence to name a few.

Everything they do is custom-built for the individual, ensuring the most objective, tailored and up-to-date advice and services – guaranteeing their solutions match their client’s.

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