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ISN launches an exciting new network solution – Network as a Service Powered by Cisco

ISN launches an exciting new network solution – Network as a Service Powered by Cisco

Flexible IT that evolves with you, powering your growth.

Introducing a new concept in managed and secure IT networking from the UK’s leading networking technology provider. Network as a Service (NaaS) Powered by Cisco is a game-changing solution that revolutionises how businesses connect, collaborate, and thrive. ISN’s NaaS delivers a turnkey IT solution with full support and maintenance, software licensing, and the latest security protection – for a predictable monthly subscription charge.

Whether you are a small startup, a growing enterprise, or an established organisation, ISN’s NaaS solution caters to businesses of all sizes. Experience seamless connectivity, enhanced performance, and robust security with ISN’s fully managed Network as a Service solution.
Ian Douglas, Director of Sales ISN “I am absolutely thrilled about the launch of our new offering, Network as a Service. This innovative solution represents a significant milestone for us, and I couldn’t be more excited about the positive impact it will have on our customers and our business. Our team has worked tirelessly to make this a reality, and I am confident that Network as a Service will set a new standard for connectivity solutions in our industry. We can’t wait to share this exciting journey with our valued customers and partners.”

The Solution

ISN’s Network as a Service (NaaS) enables organisations to easily provision and operate their IT infrastructure and associated services without owning, building, or maintaining expensive equipment. It is a pay-as-you-go IT model with the flexibility of add-on options. NaaS is delivered through flexible operating expense (OpEx) subscriptions and includes all necessary hardware, software, management tools and licenses.

  • No Capex required
  • Increased user security
  • Fully managed and monitored
  • Single monthly bill with SLA’s you can rely on
  • Audit and fully approved Cisco Powered Service

This new way of working provides small and medium size businesses with a high-quality, well designed, secure, fully supported IT networking infrastructure without the need for associated staffing or capital investment. With Network as a Service from ISN, you get an IT solution tailored to your needs and budget, on premise or in the cloud. Consistently optimised performance, and capacity, all within a monthly subscription package simplifying your IT world.

Power your business for today and tomorrow with ISN’s Network as a Service Powered by Cisco.

The Business Benefits of NaaS:

  • Allow your business to concentrate on strategic initiatives.
  • Reduced maintenance and upgrade expenses.
  • Single monthly bill with SLA’s you can rely on
  • Enhanced security with integrated threat defence technologies

John Broadway, CTO ISN “I’m really proud of our latest product offering – Network as a Service. This exciting service offers our customers a new and flexible way to procure and operating their networking infrastructure all via a simple monthly subscription. ISN provide NaaS as a fully managed service with everything included so you don’t need to worry about design, installation or its on-going support!

Our NaaS is designed and constructed using Enterprise-level Cisco equipment and has been audited and approved by Cisco, this really sets ISN apart from other managed service providers, it ensures that our customers receive the highest quality technical solution backed-up by strict processes and procedures, so you get all the benefits of an enterprise network without the capital cost.”

Contact ISN today to learn more about ISN’s NaaS and how it can elevate your organisation to new heights. Together, we can build a network that drives success.

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