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Discover how Cisco Cloud Security helps you securely adopt and use the cloud – and better manage security for the way the world works today

Discover how Cisco Cloud Security helps you securely adopt and use the cloud – and better manage security for the way the world works today

Today’s businesses need a way to easily detect, identify and mitigate advanced threats like malware and ransomware – while enforcing an acceptable Internet-use policy across the company. Cisco Umbrella enables security teams to proactively identify, block and mitigate targeted threats like malware, ransomware, phishing and data exfiltration that exploit the Domain Name System (DNS). Protecting users at the DNS gateway, it inspects where you are going – and blocks malicious destinations – protecting any port and protocol to dramatically reduce the attack surface. Easy to integrate with your existing network defences, Cisco Umbrella is powered by real-time intelligence from Cisco Talos and Cisco AMP – data which is analysed by Cisco’s intelligent Cloud to identity patterns and anomalies to predict if a domain or IP is likely to be malicious. Straddling 25 data centres that resolve 100 billion DNS requests a day, this data is gleaned from over 85 million users across 160 countries – and it’s this mass of real-time intelligence that helps prevent and stop malware before it reaches your endpoints or network. Indeed, customers tell us that following the deployment of Cisco Umbrella, they’ve experienced an 80% reduction in the volume of threats hitting their end points. And that DNS resolution with Cisco Umbrella is faster than other DNS providers. Delivering security from the cloud not only provides more effective security – it also saves you time, money and significant resource effort in key areas like Support, Operations, Incident Management and Troubleshooting/Resolution. For example, Cisco Umbrella gives you full visibility of traffic both on and off your network – including all devices and all ports, even when users are off your corporate network. And you can retain these logs for ever. The intuitive browser-based interface provides quick set up and enterprise-wide deployment in minutes – and ongoing management.

With Cisco Umbrella it’s easy to:

  • Protect users anywhere they go – on and off the corporate network/li>
  • Block ransomware, malware, phishing and C2 call backs/li>
  • Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses at the DNS-layer, over any port or protocol/li>
  • Create custom block/allow lists and enforce acceptable use policies using 60 content categories/li>
  • Take advantage of rich scheduled and ad hoc reporting tools/li>
  • Protect Guest WiFi in minutes – enforcing network security and content filtering at the DNS layer/li>
  • Combat targeted attacks by monitoring associated DNS infrastructures and IP networks to see where the next targeted attack will originate
Resolving over 100B+ DNS requests daily, with no added latency, Cisco Umbrella’s live threat intelligence uncovers and blocks malicious domains, IPs and URLs – before they’re even used in attacks. Easy to use and deploy, simple to integrate with any existing SIEM and threat intelligence platforms, Cisco Umbrella should be part of every enterprise’s layered security architecture.

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