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5 Reasons We Love Cisco Meraki – and You Will Too

5 Reasons We Love Cisco Meraki – and You Will Too

Cisco MerakiEvery so often, we come across a technology platform that changes the rules of the game. When it comes to simplifying communications with a solution that’s incredibly easy to use and administer, has a phenomenal user interface and offers powerful mobile device management capabilities, then Cisco Meraki tops the bill. For IT departments under pressure to do more with less with a limited budget and a relatively small team, then Cisco Meraki products make it a doddle to provision and manage seamless network services. From cloud managed wireless that allows IT teams to deploy large sophisticated wireless networks and reach more people to networking, security, routing, switching and mobile device management solutions, the true magic of the Meraki formula comes from a seamless blending of hardware, software and cloud technologies. Let’s explore why we love Meraki so much.

#1 Cloud-managed solutions – that all work together

Meraki offers an extensive portfolio of products. Everything from wireless access points to security appliances and access and distribution switching, VoIP phones, mobility management, SD WAN and video surveillance. Even better, they’re all built to work together to deliver a truly scalable and easy to manage comprehensive solution. There’s no complexity, just high performing connectivity. Leaving you to focus on your digitalisation goals, without the hassle of worrying about operational overheads.

#2 Manage everything from a ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard

The Meraki cloud-based dashboard interface gives you intuitive and centralised management of your network universe. The dashboard features powerful tools that deliver real-time insights on user behaviours, traffic patterns and network events. And makes it easy to find any individual client device, see how users are experiencing the network, monitor network performance and undertake faster problem resolution and troubleshooting.

#3 Simplified support

Everything from software updates to versions and patches are included in the solution and automatically managed and deployed by the Meraki cloud to your defined maintenance window. Indeed, the Cisco Meraki network comes pretty close to running itself, with minimal intervention. All upgrade options for every product are displayed on the Meraki dashboard and administrators control which to schedule and when.

#4 Zero touch deployment

With Meraki cloud management, initial configuration and deployment is simple easy and repeatable. Products can be added to the dashboard and immediately provisioned without unboxing the hardware. Once powered and connected, all Meraki products automatically search for an internet path, check for any available software updates and fetch any configuration that’s been staged. All of which significant cuts deployment times and costs.

#5 One license for everything!

Meraki licenses are sold on a ‘per device, per year’ basis and to keep things simple there’s only one license-renewal data, no matter how many devices you have. The good news is the license also includes lifetime hardware warranty, with next-business-day replacements, unlimited 24×7 technical support and lifetime software, OS and (if applicable) malware/antivirus/intrusion updates. In other words, as long as the licensing is kept current, Meraki fully supports its hardware no matter how old it is. Compared to the cost of buying software support for other brands, Meraki offers significant cost savings over time.  
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