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UKRC Delegates Flock to Sunrise Session on Demand and Capacity Planning

Date: September issue 2015
Publication: radmagazine

Tuesday morning at UKRC 2015 contained an extremely appealing session on Demand and Capacity planning for CT, MRI, Radiographer and Radiologist reporting attended by over 100 delegates; moderated by Dr Neelam Dugar Consultant Radiologist from Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Trust.

Paul Oostindie, International Sales Sanager Canon Europa-Medical Imaging Group discussed how the RIS can in real time provide a predictive insight into capacity v’s demand for day to day operations. He showed how reaching goals using existing information can be achieved within the daily routine of the department and stated the RIS is a rich source of Business Intelligence (BI) if mined appropriately. He used an example of a Canon RIS installation, managed and maintained by ISN – the UK RIS/PACS distributor of Canon – to demonstrate his point.

Richard Evans CEO of the Society and College of Radiographers discussed how Service Managers should approach workforce planning to ensure services are safe for patients and staff, sustainable and flexible to meet current and future needs.

Dr Ashish Bhagat Consultant Radiologist Spire Harpenden Hospital, agreed with Paul Oostindie about the BI available within the RIS; he said all too often the data is not analysed and there is a shortage of tools to undertake this activity. So he created a software tool – WizRad – that mines the RIS and through the use of key parameters, data management and some proprietary software analysis can successfully predict capacity needs with secondary related benefits thereby enhancing the value of PACS/RIS and ultimately managing care pathways for the radiology department.

Dr Richard Fitzgerald, Vice President of the Royal College of Radiologists and Consultant Radiologist Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust spoke of safe reporting practices – special interest and general reporting, using a number of learned papers to demonstrate the issues and the way forward.

Finally Robin Breslin from Trumonix spoke briefly on enabling simple URL based integration between healthcare IT systems.


Pictured with Dr Neelam Dugar – seated – are
left to right: Dr FitzGerald, Dr Bhagat, Richard Evans, Robin Breslin and Paul Oostindie following their session on Demand and Capacity Planning.


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